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Kickoff Questions

Kicking off an SEO campaign is all about asking the right questions! Ask the right questions and you can find out the following:

  • What has been done in the past
  • Who the demographic  is & where they are online
  • What strategies you can or can't do
  • What assets, resources, and relationships you have to work with

Strategy Road Map

After the asking the right questions you have a guide of what to promote, to who, and where. These answers will help you formulate a strategy road map. 

  • Prioritize time sensitive linking opportunities
  • Discover missing link opportunities
  • Identify assets that deserve more links

Understand Your Niche

After you've harvested most of the links and gained an understanding of the clients you now have data and results to pitch the next strategies. 


Not every niche is the same and the best way to gain an understanding is to work with the relationships you already have.  By working with warm leads you quickly find out:

  • Which relationships are most effective
  • What demographics are most responsive
  • The best way to communicate with people


Ben’s knowledge, ideas, and passion for link building are both impressive and mind blowing!

Jared Taylor
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